Glacier Weekend

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The local “Lumberjacks”

I cut down a tree tonight.

Actually, three friends and I did.

We threw a rock around the tree

with rope attached,

chopped low, pulled high,

broke two axes,

and left the tree laying across the yard.

But we cut down a tree

and felt accomplished.

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A Summer In Progress

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Story of My Life

I decided today (not by my own will) to use the 2010’s as the decade of the dislocated shoulder. In 2011, I experienced my first dislocated shoulder, and I followed up with my second in 2012. Don’t let the difference in years deceive you; it was merely a few months apart.

Maybe intramural soccer at U of MT is not for me, it has not bode well for me so far.

I am ready to consider it a problem when the phrase “story of my life” can be applied to shoulder injuries.

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